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Exchange Baggage

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Bad Language [31 Jul 2010|04:54pm]

Look a new one :O. I got a little bored today, and this one has just been itching to come out.

I can't promise there will be any more to follow haha, because I've done that before, but it is my intention to keep making them!

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Exchange Is: Numero Dos [09 Sep 2008|01:41am]

[ mood | excited ]

Eh, my sincere apologies for being so ridiculously lazy. You know, life gets in the way of these things.

Also no longer having a copy of a certain program may also have been an issue hehe.

BUT OMG I got a new copy yay! It's a 15 day trial, but if I like it I might just buy it.

I also have study to do so here's the results of my hard work and study (which obviously I have been doing):

Exchange Is: Numero DosCollapse )

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One For the Outbounders [25 Feb 2007|05:21pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

ZOMG! The CDs with my backups arrived a while ago (after two months in the Mexican postal system) and I finally got around to figuring out how to download PSP. Unfortunately it's only a 30 day trial. Hmmmm.

I've missed making these! They don't look quite as good as they used to because I got out of the habit of making them, and subsequently forgot all the shadow settings etc. Oh well, practice I must!

One For the OutboundersCollapse )

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It's not over yet! [24 Jan 2007|02:34pm]

OK first off: I'm soooo sorry there haven't been any updates.

I got busy with uni and then I forgot about this site for a while. And THEN my computer crashed and I lost everything, all the template things I'd made (and I'm way too lazy to do them again), but luckily they were backed up on a friends' computer in time, and he's sending me the CDs.

Currently I'm on university exchange in Mexico for a year. It's ironic that now I have plenty to write about again, I can't because
1. I don't have the program I used here,
2. I'm too lazy to make the fiddly little things again,
3. This university tries to kill its students with homework!!!! Seriously, I desperately need some more winter clothes but I haven't even had two hours to shop what with the mountains of work, the salsa classes, the traveling on the weekends, the eating tacos with friends, and the abusing my of my liver ...

Someday soon I'll make more. When the Mexican postal decides (if ever) to deliver that package with those CDs in it. Or maybe I'll miraculously have hours to spare and decide to start up again.

In the meantime: http://jessamexico.livejournal.com.
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The Joys of Language [30 Jul 2006|01:50pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

So, this has been a while in coming ... I'm really really sorry. University and a job just get in the way of all my fun!

The Joys of LanguageCollapse )

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Apologies [04 Apr 2006|10:08pm]

[ mood | busy ]

I am alive, I swear!

I've just been flat out ever since I got back to uni. I'm super behind in ... oh, everything. I suddenly got lectures to attend, charity work to convene, a social life, problems to sort out, a job, and six million exams/assignments to make things extra interesting.

Easter holidays are only two weeks away!!

(And now back to corn gods. Hooray).


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Luggagephobia [08 Feb 2006|09:12pm]

LuggageophobiaCollapse )

Guess what!

I've now had visitors from every continent!Collapse )
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The Perfect Gift [22 Jan 2006|11:05am]

The Perfect GiftCollapse )


Check it out - I'm loved!Collapse )
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Excuses 101: Homework [07 Jan 2006|02:19pm]

Excuses 101: HomeworkCollapse )
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There's No Place Like Home [30 Dec 2005|04:16pm]

There's No Place Like HomeCollapse )
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Lost For Words [19 Dec 2005|04:39pm]

It happens! It really does!

Lost For WordsCollapse )
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New layout [19 Dec 2005|03:21pm]

I got bored yesterday.

So, new layout! Enjoy.

Understanding isn't everything [05 Dec 2005|06:43pm]

Understanding Isn't Everything ...Collapse )
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You Know You're Obsessed When ... [21 Nov 2005|04:43pm]

Unofficial Rotary Youth Exchange Forum

You Know You're Obsessed When ...Collapse )
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Side Effects of Exchange [26 Sep 2005|05:17pm]

Side Effects of ExchangeCollapse )
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Hasn't She Grown [10 Sep 2005|07:04pm]

Hasn't She GrownCollapse )

Oh! So You Speak My Language! [05 Sep 2005|09:51pm]

Oh! So You Speak My Language!Collapse )
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Intercultural Communications. [02 Sep 2005|11:58am]

Intercultural CommunicationsCollapse )
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Been There, Done That [21 Aug 2005|01:16pm]

Been There, Done ThatCollapse )
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No, You Just Laugh Funny [30 Jul 2005|04:00pm]

No, You Just Laugh FunnyCollapse )
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